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4 Best Ways to Help Keep Your Memory Sharp

03:58 PM Feb 16, 2021 IST | DP Editorial
4 best ways to help keep your memory sharp

Being forgetful naturally comes as you age. However, some factors like chronic conditions, anxiety, lack of sleep, and prescription drugs’ side effects can increase memory decline. Severe memory decline can seriously affect your daily life, such as difficulty finding your keys or forgetting important events.

If you want to avoid memory loss, you can do the following to enhance your memory:


1. Engage in Physical Activity 

Aside from mental exercises, also engage in physical activities. These activities will increase blood flow to your brain aside from your whole body. Physical exercises increase oxygen to your brain as well. As a result, you can keep your memory sharp.


You can also reduce stress hormones and enhance the effects of helpful brain chemicals with exercise. Most importantly, you can stimulate new neuronal connections and boost growth factors by being physically active.

Physical activities requiring complex motor skills or hand-eye coordination may help in brain building. Exercise breaks like a few jumping jacks or a short walk can help you from being mentally stressed. It helps reboot your brain as it pumps your blood.


2. Keep Learning 

Another way to improve your memory is to continue your education in some way. By doing so, you’re keeping your memory healthy because your brain is mentally active. Challenging your brain stimulates communication among your brain cells to activate processes required with mental exercises.

Preserving and building brain connections shouldn’t end after you graduate. Instead, make it a lifelong priority. You may want to try a new hobby to stimulate mental exercises. Gardening, joining art or music classes, writing, playing chess are great mental exercises you can engage in. At work, you may try doing new tasks that require new skills.

3. Take Supplements

Nowadays, many supplements may help decrease the chances of memory loss, some of which include ginseng, vitamins B9, B12, B6, and more. You may also want to look into PRL-8-53, which may help enhance acetylcholine activity, which can help improve your memory.

One of the most popular supplements for brain health is omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t want to take supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, you may want to indulge in herring, trout, and salmon, which are all excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

However, consult your physician before taking any new supplements.

4. Get Organized 

You’ll be less likely to forget things if you keep things organized. For instance, you may want to use planners, calendars, or notebooks to jot down events, appointments, and tasks. Make to-do lists for your daily activities and mark them complete when finished.

It also helps if you set aside a place for your essentials like glasses, keys, and wallets. By doing this, you can easily remember where you keep your things.


Keeping your memory sharp isn’t only for the present but also for your future. If you do the following things above, you may help avoid memory loss and other related diseases.

Double exposure of man with glowing brain and city

You must preserve both your mental and physical well-being as they can affect how your brain functions. However, if your memory loss is getting worse, you may want to consult your doctor.


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