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9 Food Spots in Gurgaon Where You Can Order Numerous Healthy Options Apart From Salads!

04:06 PM Mar 17, 2020 IST | Lakshita Vohra
9 food spots in gurgaon where you can order numerous healthy options apart from salads

Taking care of our health has never seemed more important than now. With everything happening around the world, like Coronavirus, we have realised just how vulnerable humans are how important it is to take care of ourselves. And taking a healthy diet is the least we all can do to make sure of that. But once it comes to healthy food, the one thing that pops up is a salad. Right? But not anymore. It’s time to look beyond that and try your hands on other healthy dishes. So, we have handpicked great food spots in Gurgaon where you can order your healthy munchies. Go and grab yours!

1. The Good Phat-Powered By Avocados


If you love avocados, then you should try out this food spot for your next meal. Avocado Upma, the name might be bit odd but trust us it’s healthy as it’s given an avocado twist to the regular Upma. You can pair your Upma with Avocado Fries that are served with Sriacha Mayo. It’s time to make a switch to all the healthy dishes!

2. Leaf N Loaf


Leaf N Loaf is all about serving gourmet health food comprising of sandwiches, protein platters, salads and detoxifiers. We are totally in love with their Greek Romano Chicken Salad and Indo-continental fusion dish of Buttery Royal Pasta. Also, they have ‘Salad & Detox’ monthly subscriptions which are healthy, tasty and flavourful salads and juices delivered right at your doorstep. Are you for this?

3. Fruit Inbox


Switch from those aloo parathas and devour on summer fruits by ordering from Fruit Inbox. Summers are here and the best way to start your mornings is by switching to healthy fruits. Apart from fruits, you can even try their sandwiches that are made from whole-wheat bread. A meal from here will cost you Rs 300 bucks!

4. Fitchef

Fitchef’s number should be on your speed dial! Perfect for all the health freaks, Fitchef has platters for all types including muscle gain, weight loss, thyroid, detox and diabetes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Cooked in less oil, you should try out their Grilled Chicken Salad which is super yummy and healthy at the same time. Go and order now!

5. Nutrio Box

Delivering breakfast in Gurgaon as early as 8 am? Yes, rather than sipping on those countless cups of coffee and high-calorie food, Nutrio Box brings healthy alternatives to your desk. The menu is simple yet quirky with healthy ingredients in it. You should order their Chicken Masala Poha and Blueberry Chia Smoothie, trust us it’s the perfect combination. It’s a complete wholesome meal!

6. Pita Pit

It’s time to enjoy soups, sandwiches and salads customizing to your taste buds with our favourite Pita Pit. Dig into the sumptuous Pitas and Falafel with extra toppings of their healthy sauces. It’s the perfect replacement to burgers, and it won’t burn your pocket at all. You can order up their scrumptious BBQ Paneer, Ultimate Veggie, the yummy Tandoori Chicken, or BBQ Chicken pita. It’s time to explore something new and healthy!


Do you why we love Basically, because they specify the calorie intake with each item. From shakes to yoghurt to unique food items likeBhel Puri, Poha, has everything healthy and affordable alternative to junk food. It won’t burn your pocket at all and will cost you about 300 bucks for a meal!

8. Subhub

It’s time to say goodbye to Subway and make a switch to Subhub by hogging on to their yummy sandwiches. This outlet breaks our myth of ‘healthy food can’t be tasty’. From multi-grain bread to healthy sauces and crunchy veggies, Subhub is the best. A meal for two here would cost you approximately Rs 400.

9. THE- The Healthy Eggs

What came first, the egg or the chicken, doesn’t matter, we got both! Well, THE-The Healthy Eggs has a series if egg-infused dishes including omelette, egg paratha, egg sandwich and more. Their Masala Veggie Blast Omelette is healthy and contains fresh veggies; you should order this.

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