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Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Meenakshi Dutt, Tells us How to do The Most Glam Bridal Makeup Looks!

03:48 PM Nov 21, 2019 IST | Lakshita Vohra
award winning makeup artist  meenakshi dutt  tells us how to do the most glam bridal makeup looks

Every girl wants to look best on her pre-wedding ceremonies and wedding day! After all, it’s only the most important day of a girl’s life! And when it comes to makeup for the celebrations, there are tons of ideas and suggestions from friends, relatives and social media. Of course, that can seriously confuse you. Well, you don’t need to stress anymore. We got in touch with the award-winning makeup artist, Meenakshi Dutt, who coached us with stunning bridal makeup looks to steal the limelight!

Image Source: Instagram/meenakshiduttmdm

Talking about bridal makeup, she said, ‘It is a beautiful feeling to dress up the bride and she is looking forward to looking special on her best day of life. A makeup artist can make or break her day, so the brides put a lot of trust on her makeup artist. Bridal makeup is not just makeup it’s a connection between a client and artist’. In fact, Meenakshi has recently also been awarded the coveted Navratan Award by Delhi’s Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
She has been in the makeup industry from the past 23 years! So you know every tip coming from her is going to be pure gold! In fact, she’s a celeb makeup artist and has done makeup for actresses like Neha Dhupia, Neetu Chandra, Bipasha Basu, Yuvika Chaudhry and many more. So bring out those notebooks and take notes, ladies!


1. Glossy Eyes And Red Metallic Lips

Firstly, keep the base matte and use oil-based foundation. To achieve this look, use a metallic shade on the eye and add a gloss on the eyeshadow. Once the eyeshadow is done, just apply kajal, mascara and artificial lashes. For a chic look, keep in mind doing a simple contouring look. For the lips, go for creamy metallic lipstick and then add red glitter all over the lips for the metallic effect. It’s a perfect look for your cocktail ceremony!

2. Mehendi Look With Flash Colour Eyes

Use a dark magnet pink eyeshadow and blend it with softer pink eyeshadow below the brow bone. Add pink blush to cheeks with a stronger highlighter. For the lips don’t go for a vibrant lip shade, instead, go for a simple pure gloss. If you are keeping your eyes heavy with lots of colours, it is always a good idea to do softer lips.


3. Glam Engagement Look

For a glamours look, add lots of colours to your eyes! Use a lot of pinks, greens and on the top green, use a mild amount of glitter. And then give a beautiful winged eyeliner towards the end using the eye shadow colours only. Keep the lips soft and go for pink coloured lip shade. For eyes, you need to blend a lot of colours, but the glitter should be more or less merging with the eyeshadow.

4. Princess Inspired Reception Look

Keeping in mind that on reception look, this is the best and subtle look. For this look, don’t go for too much blush and lipstick, keep it minimal and simple. Go for a red metallic eyeshadow and merge it will a little brown eyeshadow to give a texture to the eyes. Top it using a silver liner on the crease line to provide a cut crease look.


5. South Indian Bridal Look

For typical South Indian bridal look, go for shades of bronze, copper and red on the eyes. The lip shade should also compliment your wedding dress. The use of kajal and eyeliner adds glamour to the eyes. Add a pump to your look by blush and gold highlighter. Keep the corners of eye shadow darker than the inside and make it a smudged look. The most important thing in South India makeup is to do expressive eyes.

6. Day Bridal Look

If you are getting married during the day time and have plans of wearing softer coloured lehenga, this makeup is perfect for them. Use soft metallic coloured eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye in half of the crease. And on the rest of the eyes use pale, deep pink colour. For the lips go for medium pink tone. To give an Indian touch to the makeup, add liner and provide a nude kajal and eyeshadow to make the eyes look full.

7. Glitter Cocktail Look

If you don’t like too much colour on the face, this is a perfect makeup for the cocktail function. Keeping it neutral by adding glamour is an art! Ditch the black smokey eyes instead go for brown eyes. Blend it outwards to the outer corner of the eyes and then put glitter matching with the smokey effect. For this look, go for a brown nude lip shade. This look is universal and is easy to carry by everyone.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/meenakshiduttmdm)


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