Follow These Amazing Instagram Handles on Mental Health to Sail Through The Ongoing Pandemic

05:12 PM May 18, 2020

With COVID-19 outbreak, our lives have been total upside down. Our work life, routine and social lives have come to a halt. With the pandemic, the significant effect has been on everyone’s mental health which is leading to anxiety, stress, violence, depression and domestic abuse. Almost each one of us deals with a certain amount of pressure on a regular basis. While not everyone needs therapy, but they sure can benefit from it. If you are struggling with mental health and looking for some positivity, these are the Instagram accounts that you should follow.

1. Sara Kuburic, MA, CCC

PhD researcher Sara Kuburic is an ‘existential psychotherapist’ with her Instagram handle name ‘millennial.therapist’. She uses her knowledge and experience to reach out to millennials. Trust, boundaries, imposter syndrome, personal growth are so of the topics she has always been vocal of. Follow this incredible account for a daily dose of information and quotes on mental health! 

2. Kaha Mind

It’s an online counselling platform for organizations and individuals. Kaha Mind’s primary purpose is to make mental health a priority by raising awareness about the issues. Along with daily quotes and ways to keep your self calm, one can even take up online counselling if you need. While you’re at it, look out for their online talks. 

3. The Brain Coach

Run by Nawal Mustafa, The Brain Coach uses art and social media to share her knowledge about the subject. She is a doctoral student in clinical neuropsychology. The content on the page guides you to improve your social health and focus on issues like low self-worth, anxiety, stress, depression and burn out. 

4. The Shrink Wrap

Founder of The Center for Anxiety and OCD, Sheva Rajee started with an Instagram page called The Shrink Wrap. She’s a specialist in Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and holds a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Follow her for all the theories you need in relationships OCD. Every quote she posts has a related story attached to it, go and follow her. 

5. The Anxiety Healer

The Anxiety Healer page was started by Alison Seponara, a mindfulness teacher and a licensed therapist. With mental health inspiration from around the web, charts that make you think about your mental health and innovative graphics, her Instagram feed needs your attention surely. Sleep anxiety, anxiety tips, anxiety tools are some of her core areas she’s focusing these days! 

6. is led by a group of counsellors across the country shares posts, memes that delve into everything from dealing with work from home issues to anxiety to sleep problems. Strategies, packing in tips, their e-Guide on mental health on their website is quite useful. One can even book online appointments with their counsellors for further mental health help. 

7. TheMindClan

It’s the Instagram page that brings together counsellors and support groups which can help one with their mental well-being. Based out in Mumbai, TheMindClan offers counselling services and resources like articles and online helpline. Their feed is filled with posts with relevant issues and encouraging people to speak up on their problems.

(Featured Image Source: The Economic Times)