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Hey Cool Kids, Grab Cool & Funky AF Graphic Tees From These Amaze Web stores For Your First Day of College!

04:18 PM Jul 15, 2019 IST | Lakshita Vohra
hey cool kids  grab cool   funky af graphic tees from these amaze web stores for your first day of college

The first day of college can be nerve-wracking for any student. You are entering a new place, you are going to meet new people, there’s the rush of being out of the cushioned school zone, and there’s all the excitement of starting a new phase of your life! Naturally, you’d want to make a good impression on your peers, professors, and everyone around. So, don’t worry, fellas. To ease away your wardrobe woes, we dug out these web stores which offer amazingly cool graphic tees. And what can be better than graphic tees to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time! re you can buy funky graphic tees. Here is the list of head-turners!

1. The Souled Store

Taking the funky quotient of tees up a notch, The Souled Store has tees for men and women in the coolest & craziest prints ever! This is our personal favourite web store when it comes to graphic tees. You will get every kind of print you would have ever imagined- be it your favourite movie character or your favourite show. Friends, Harry Potter, and The Big Bang Theory fans, you are definitely in for a treat at this store! Go on, we know you secretly want to upgrade your closet. *wink*

2. Redwolf

Minimalistic designs and cool merchandise with your favourite TV shows characters is what Redwolf’s collection is all about. Are you sucker for witty one-liners, phrases? Then you’ll find plenty of those tees here. Be it Harry Potter, Batman, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory or our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S., just name it and they’ve got it. Brownie points, they also have mobile covers and posters. Go take a look on their website and order up RN!


3. Styletadka

With some of the most attractive looking products, we bet your love for written slogs will never fade. Styletadka’s collection is something which you have to check out. Slogans like ‘Bitch Please’, ‘Beer Please’, ‘Choose Happy’ and more are super comfy to boot. We can already imagine teaming it up with distressed lowers and boots. What are your plans?

4. Bewakoof

Are you a sucker for graphic tees? Bewakoof is one such stop where you will get your hands on the coolest tees. Marshmallow, King, Apna Time Aayega, FRIENDS, Captain America, Iron Man are some of our personal favourites. Whether its Joey declaring he doesn’t share food or motivational lines they have so many options to pick from. It’s time to stock up your closet before your college starts!


5. Print Octopus

No amount of quirky quotes and cool graphics printed on tees are enough, Print Octopus are doing everything! From Happy Nutella to Harry Potter prints to Pizza is Forever to Kaafi Lazy they bring out everything for each one for us. Till date, our personal favourite graphic tee from Print Octopus is the Love for Nutella! Upgrade your closet with their top picks and strut your stuff with panache!

6. Tees World

An online store that retails in all sorts of Tees, Tees World is a brand that nails the three big C’s- chic, casual and comfortable. Their collection will leave in surprise! Some of their graphic tees read, ‘Surprise I’m Drunk’, ‘ I Hate Mornings’, ‘Born To Flirt’ and more. If these aren’t perfect for your ‘I Woke Up Like This’ look, we don’t know what will be. What are you waiting for we have already started adding graphic tees to our cart, what’s your plan?


7. Kook n Keech

Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Music Minions, Pokemon is what you will get here when it comes to graphic tees! Whether it’s a slogan on your shirt or a cute one of Disney with some bright colours on, their shirts are killing it. And yes, you can only buy their exclusive collection on a shopping website- Myntra. It’s time to flaunt your geek quotient with their awesome design on the first day of our college!

8. Cyankart

Have been looking for Netflix And Chill tee for a long time? Cyankart’s collection of the graphic tee is something which will make you add everything in your cart for sure. And we know you want to look the best on your very first day of the college which is why we suggest you look at their collection. From Game of Thrones to simple slogans, they have it all. Just say what you want and the website will pop everything for your choice. So, grab some of the cool graphic tees from here.

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