LIVE I Inspire Leadership Conference 2019 #iinspire19

This years conference theme is “Include & Impact”. It aims to bring together corporate economic activity, social responsibility and community dynamics as a business case. 04:24 PM Apr 05, 2019 - By Tanvi Sharma

#iinspire19: Discussion on How 2018 Has Been The Year of Change

Need of the hour: Discussion on how 2018 has been the year of change- be it the metoo movement, sabrimala judgement, section 377 verdict, the change should not stop here. Really intriguing thoughts from panelists- Nipun Malhotra (Co-Founder & CEO Nipman Foundation, Founder Wheels For Life, Executive Director, Nipman Fastener Industries, Moderator), Nida Hasan (Country Director,, Noorjehan Safia Niaz (Co-Founder Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan), Sunita Menon (Director- Curriculum & Leadership Development, Breakthrough), and Jaya Tiwari (Naz Foundation).


#iinspire19: Lt. Cdr. Vartika Joshi's Inspiring Thoughts

"There are a lot of times when females undermine their own talent. When you feel you are not meant for it, that's exactly when you should push yourself and move beyond" - Lt. Cdr. Vartika Joshi's inspiring thoughts on how women should not give up.


#iinspire19: Meet Jabna Chauhan, India's Youngest Sarpanch

Jabna Chauhan, all of 21 years old, is the YOUNGEST sarpanch in the country! She is being awarded at the IInspire19 Conference today. 


#iinspire19: Important Panel Discussion on Investing in Women


#iinspire19: Enlightening discussion on Unboxing Diversity

Zainab Patel, HIV, Health & Human Rights Cosultant, UNDP and Richa Singh, Corporate Learning and Development Manager, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, sharing some really important insights on moving beyond the bias and unboxing diversity in the truest sense of the word. 


#iinspire19: Shanti & Shanti from Jaipr Rugs Foundation


IInspire19: Panel Discussion on Inclusive Growth

Amzingly insightful panel discussion on Inclusive Growth going on at #iinspire19 conference. 

Got to hear deep thoughts on the subject from panelists- Pankaj Bansal (Co-Founder & CEO People Strong), Rohit Thakur (MD- India Geographic Unit HR Lead), Zarina Lam Stanford (Chief Marketing Officer, BackOffice Associates), Rajesh Kumar Jindal (President & Head of Marketing India Region for UiPath, and Mohit Thukral (Co-Founder Vivtera)


#IInspire19: Extremely important discussion on diversity and inclusion


Business Leaders talking on financial profitability, social impact and diverse representation


#IInspire19: Congratulations Aricent!


#IInspire19: Congratulations Nestle India


Women artisans working for Jaipur Rugs at I Inspire 19


Nand Kishore Chaudhary, Founder, Jaipur Rugs at I Inspire 19


Sarika Bhattacharyya while addressing the crowd


Shilpi Singh, Managing Partner at BeyonDiversity kickstarts this year's #iinspire19 with gratitude exercise for the participants!


#BeyonDiversity team all prepped up for #iinspire19

#iinspire19 is about to start! Watch out this space to get more updates.


Vineeta Raghuwanshi from EY India will be speaking on how inclusion can build a better working world


Jyotsna Mohan from Editorji hopes to find answers to these questions at #IInspire19


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