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Ladies, Check Out These Totally Lit 8 Homegrown Jutti Brands Which You Must in Your Closet!

06:47 PM Mar 15, 2019 IST | Rubaina Wasi
ladies  check out these totally lit 8 homegrown jutti brands which you must in your closet

Ladies, raise your hands if pretty Juttis make you go weak in your knees! Be it for your wedding day, some jazzy function, or just for an ethnic look a pretty pair of juttican add the glam quotient in seconds. Needless to say, they are also comfy AF! So, if you are looking to stock up on these lovelies, then check out the top 6juttibrands RN!

1. Needledust

One of the pioneers in the field of handcrafted leather juttis, Needledust is a luxury brand based in Shahpur Jat. With a myriad of varieties injuttisincluding Swarovski and quirky prints that are super fresh and pretty, they have something for everyone. Ladies, they also have a NeedledustxAbu Jani Sandeep Khosla collection we are swooning over!

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Check out their website here.


2. Fizzy Goblet

Imagine when the style of a traditional juttiis designed with a contemporary twist? It makes a spectacular pair of footwear you can gloat over! Whether it is for a wedding function or just a college fest, Fizzy Goblet has juttisfor every kind of occasion. You can also ask them to customise your pair with cute add-ons as well.

Image source: Fizzy Goblet/Facebook

Check out their website here.


3. Jutti Choo

Move over Jimmy Choo ladies, and check out Jutti Choo RN! Popular for their floral and paisley motifs that are highly in rage for the Mehendi functions, Jutti Choo has created a niche for themselves. Their juttiswill make you want to ditch the western flats this summer and opt for their amaze collection!

Image source: Jutti Choo/Facebook

Check out their website here.


4. Coral Haze

A subsidiary of the super popular brand, Rida International, Coral Haze does Punjabi juttislike no one else! Heavily infused with the Victorian print, Coral Haze an offbeat and popping range of juttis. Most of their juttisare embroidered by hand, so you can imagine how intricate the designs will be.

Image source: Coral Haze/Facebook

Check out their website here.

5. Love For Juttis

Handcrafted for the utmost comfort and style, Love For Juttis is one brand which is both drool-worthy and budget-friendly. All their designs are very unique and something that you cannot source from anywhere else. And the best part is, you can wear them with your jeans, long skirts, and kurtis! Steal deal? We think so too.

Image source: Love For Juttis/Facebook

Check out their website here.

6. Juttigram

Their juttisare super glamorous and elegant, and yet, they have a little hint ofquirkin them. Sounds like the perfect blend, right? Once you explore their juttis, you’d be able to spot an imprint of traditional Punjabi vibe in their designs. Trust us, you will not be able to take off your eyes off of their beautiful collection!

Image source: Juttigram/Facebook

Check out their page here.

Featured image source: Instagram

We are totes filling our shopping carts RN! Are you? Let us know which one of these you liked the best!


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