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Located 40 km From The Nearest Land, This Lighthouse Was Nicknamed 'Loneliest Place In The World'!

12:01 PM Feb 27, 2020 IST | Lakshita Vohra
located 40 km from the nearest land  this lighthouse was nicknamed  loneliest place in the world

Indeed, the life of a light housekeeper is always lonely, and sometimes you can’t help but pity the guards who are stationed there. One such lighthouse, the Stannard Rock Light House located in the United States, is known as the loneliest place in the world. Yes, we’re not kidding! It’s a standalone lighthouse that is located in one of the most hard to navigate reefs. Read on to know more about why this lighthouse was nicknamed the loneliest place in the world!

The Loneliest Place in The World


Located in the northern half of Lake Superior, off Keweenaw Peninsula, the Stannard Rock Lighthouse is situated about 40 km away from the nearest land, Manitou Island. The sandbank on which the Stannard Rock lighthouse stands was discovered back in 1835 by Captain Charles C. Stannard. The Captain was astonished to find this underwater mountain so far from the shores in waters.

The lighthouse is far away from the land that is considered to be the furthest lighthouse from the shore in the entire US! It can only be viewed via plane or boat. But visitors are not allowed to go inside. However, boat trips are arranged to see the isolated area.


Construction Of Stannard Rock Lighthouse

This underwater mountain extends for 40 km with depth as shallow as 4 feet and averaging 16 feet. The reef was the danger to navigate on Lake Superior, and it was first marked by a day beacon in 1868. At that time several tests were undertaken to determine if a lighthouse could survive in such a harsh location.


Since the maritime traffic was increasing, The US lighthouse service decided that a navigation light was needed. Still, the question was whether any structure could survive on an exposed rock less than 20 feet in diameter on the lake that is known for violent storms. Then in 1868, a team created a temporary day beacon to test the stability of the rock. This is how plans on making a lighthouse on the reef came to board.

Image Source: M Live

Eventually, the tower was completed and lighted for the first time in 1882. It stands 78 feet tall and has 7 levels, from the kitchen, at the base level up through the sleeping quarters, lens rooms, library-reading room and watch rooms.

Currently, Stannard Rock Lighthouse serves two missions- as a navigation marker at one of the most dangerous reefs and another is to monitor the evaporation rate in Superior Lake. The next time you are in the United States then should head to this ‘Loneliest Place in the World’!

(Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)


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