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This Durga Puja, Flaunt Gorgeous Bengali Sarees From These Amaze Online Stores!

01:10 PM Oct 01, 2019 IST | Lakshita Vohra
this durga puja  flaunt gorgeous bengali sarees  from these amaze online stores

We’re sure you’d already know that Durga Puja this year is from 4th to 8th October. And ladies, we feel it’s the perfect time to flaunt traditional, gorgeous Bengali sarees. Yes, the same white ones with beautiful red borders! In fact, there are other classic combinations too in Bengali sarees you can flaunt this Durga Puja. So, we have handpicked 8 online stores where you can get beautiful Bengali sarees.

1. Banglarsare

The tant saree is a traditional Bengali attire and ladies, we’re sure you look nothing less than a dream in these! They are weaved from lightweight cotton and are perfect for the sweaty evenings of pandal hopping! You can either opt for the classic white saree with a red border or go for the colourful variety.

2. Parinita

One can never go wrong with this classic red and white Bishnupuri silk. This hand-woven silk saree has a very very crisp paper-like feel. Red and white colours are both considered auspicious and hence worn by the Bengalis during the festivities. This colour and saree are as classic as it can get!


3. Mirraw

Their classic maroon and beige silk cotton sarees have a very versatile look. The embellished gold pine motifs on the pallu give it that extra spark! Pair this classic saree with heels, golden earrings, and a petite red clutch and you are ready to hop at different pandals this Durga Puja

4. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal

Their silk sarees with detailing on the pallu and make them an exquisite wardrobe addition. Their unique texture and rustic charm make it totally worthy! However, you can always accessorize with simple diamond studs that will make your entire look super classy!


5. Tantuja

Why go for the usual red tant saree? This Durga Puja, gofor some vibrant colours and make heads turn! Tantuja’s balchuri silk saree collection is something that will make you buy saree for each day. Style it with chunky silver jewellery and you are good to go!


This navy blue banarasi art silk and cream banarasi silk saree with the red border has a very versatile appeal. Classic silk and red combination saree make a huge fashion statement when you pair them with silver jewellery and kohl eyes. It’s time to hop to different Durga Puja pandals in style! 


7. Sarees of Bengal

Have you seen a richer sultry red? This Swarnchuri saree is a special kind of Baluchari saree of Bengal. These are special saree known for its intricate motifs and patterns which depict a mythological scene on the pallu from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. This one is a perfect red saree which has mina or gold thread work which is ideal for weddings and Durga Puja.

8. Taneira

It’s time to bring a touch of elegance with this pure cotton saree with a fine border and pallu. If you like to keep things simple yet classy, then this is your best bet. This saree oozes femininity and is a canvas for accessorizing. You can play around the jewellery, to get the desired look.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/bengalsareez )


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