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Tying The Knot Soon? Here Are The 8 Best Wedding Caterers in The City You Should Check Out!

11:16 AM Dec 04, 2019 IST | Pariniti Chawla
tying the knot soon  here are the 8 best wedding caterers in the city you should check out

What’s a successful shaadi without a lavish and extensive food menu? While there are a lot of things that make a wedding perfect, food is the only thing that can make your guests either very happy or extremely disappointed. Whether we admit it or not, we all know guests forget everything that they see at weddings except for the food. Which is why good catering is the priority because food is bae! So, to save you the time, effort and energy, we have put together a list of 8 of the best food caterers in the city that you can hire your big day!

1. Fork ‘n’ Spoon


Part of the famous Nijhawan group, Fork ‘n’ Spoon was founded by Tania and Arjun Nijhawan. The Fork ‘n’ Spoon’s artists in aprons can take care of anything, whether it is a small Mehendi/Sangeet get together or the main wedding function with over 1000 guests! You can count on them to make your big day perfect!

Contact: +91-7303740337


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2. The Kitchen Art Company


Puneet Sikand, a chef for over 2 decades, came to Delhi with a vision of changing the face of food in the wedding industry with The Kitchen Art Company. They only take a few weddings in a year so that they can put extra care and detail into personalizing your big day. Their fancy skills will create an experience for your guests that they will remember for a very long time.

Contact: 097170 93536

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3. XO Catering By Design

Whether you’re looking for local Indian cuisines like Kashmiri or Awadhi or international cuisines like Italian and Chinese, XO Catering Company has got your back! Their cuisine is characterized by three pillars: tradition, culture, and creativity and they will dedicate themselves to exceed your expectations in cuisines, service, and presentation!

Contact: 098991 08088

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4. The Basil Kitchen

A wedding is incomplete without delicious food and drinks. The Basil Kitchen’s Catering combines both modern and traditional styles of cooking to meet the highest standards of quality dining. They will cook the food right in front of your guests to ensure its exactly how they like it! What else can you ask for?

Contact: 098118 20807

5. The Supper Club

One of the best catering companies in all of New Delhi, The Supper Club has a specialised menu for every kind of wedding! With years of experience, they offer a unique wedding experience personalized to your needs and preferences. So if you hire them, the food department for your wedding will be sorted!

Contact: 9810011161

6. Saltt

Lately, the trend at weddings has been to serve traditional Indian dishes with an international touch. If you’re looking to do something similar, Saltt is where you need to go. While maintaining the authenticity of the food, they present it in such a beautiful manner that your guests won’t be able to say no to even a single dish! After all, well-fed guests are happy guests!

Contact: 9810210265

7. Eleven Course

With their years of experience and a wide range of food and cocktails, Eleven Course’s team will help you customize a unique menu according to your preferences and your guests’ tastes! They use only the best quality products to create traditional dishes with a modern and creative twist. Your guests are going to be talking about the food at your wedding about for at least five of wedding anniversaries to come, if not more!

Contact: 098111 52836

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8. Archana Rai Catering Company

Whatever’s in your mind, whether it is classic, edgy, vintage, or rustic, the specialists, Archana and her team can bring it to life and create an experience that your guests will never forget. Choose delicious food from Archna Rai Catering Company to make the biggest day of your life super fabulous, one that stays etched in not just your memory but your guests’ too!

Contact: 098100 02793

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Featured Image Source: Oasis Caterers


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